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Pulse tools

Ideal choice for fast and reaction-free one-hand tightenings

The speed, reliability, and accuracy of ErgoPulse hydraulic impulse nutrunners, combined with the fact that they are comfortable to operate, make them suitable for continuous heavy production. Since there is no metal-to-metal impact in a pulse tool, it provides a softer, more controlled pulse with considerably less vibration and noise than an impact wrench.

A complete range

ErgoPulse impulse tools are available in straight and pistol grip, shut-off and non shut-off versions. The range covers torque from 2–900 Nm. The ErgoPulse principle – The heart of a pulse tool is the hydraulic pulse unit. Since the pulses are very short, there is almost no reaction force in the handle, only the much lower motor torque is transferred to the operator’s hand. In addition, there are less vibrations and noise than with an impact wrench. Combined with good balance and low weight the result is a tool that is very comfortable to operate.