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ATA is a leading manufacturer of precision engineering products for companies requiring a comprehensive range of material removal and finishing solutions.

ATA operates in all major global markets, in over 90 countries and with a network of over 3,000 distributors.

They are the only precision engineering company in the world to provide both tools and consumables for a variety of deburring, material removal and finishing needs – across any material and any application.

They design and manufacture the most comprehensive and advanced range of tungsten carbide burs, pneumatic tools and abrasives – both bespoke and standard. For over 50 years they have advised and served customers operating in all major industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas markets, shipbuilding and metal fabrication. Their extensive range of high-quality products, the level of knowledge, the expertise and the flexibility of their approach combined with their structure allows them to design a completely bespoke solution for our customers – all under one roof.

Industrial Air Tools

Our extensive and comprehensive portfolio includes a vast range of grinders and sanders which allow customers to maximize their productivity and efficiency as well as maintaining safety. Our portfolio includes pencil grinders, die grinders, angle grinders and sanders to maximise your productivity in a safe environment

High Speed Die Grinders

Available from 25,000 to 37,000 RPM, the high speed die grinders are highly efficient for stock removal, deburring and finishing applications. Key Markets include Aerospace and Mold &Die for applications such as turbine blade manufacture/repair; removal of positive metal.

High Power Die Grinders

Available from 10,000 to 25,000 RPM, the high power die grinders improve operators control and comfort for efficient stock removal. Key Markets include Automotive, Foundries, Metal Fabrication and Shipyards

Low Vibration Die Grinder

The low vibration die grinders are specifically designed to improve operators control and comfort. Thanks to their motor damping system, these grinders operate at a reduced vibration level (part of the ATA HAVS – Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome – Program) whilst facilitating an increased consumable life and efficient stock removal. Key Markets include Automotive, Foundries, Metal Fabrication and Shipyards.

Extended Body Die Grinder

The extended body die grinder allows for two handed operation for better control and easier access to restricted areas. Key markets include Oil & Gas, Marine and Shipyards, Metal Fabrication for general stock removal, sanding, polishing.

SPM Line Pencil Grinder

For over 45 years, ATA has designed, manufactured and supplied pencil grinders to a variety of industries including aerospace, power generation and mould & die. Our latest development of this popular series includes:

• Newly designed roll throttle offering ease of use to operators

• Moulded sleeve which results in improved ergonomics

• Modification to the motor, coupled with the newly designed roll throttle delivers enhanced torque.

Ideally suited to 3mm (1/8”) shank carbide burs and mounted points, the SPM series is suited to both precision deburring and finishing operations in a wide variety of applications and industries

ST100 Pencil Grinder

High speed, oil-free pencil grinder for fine finishing and precise control

SPT Pencil Grinder

Features an air propulsion motor and fitted with a slim design turbine, enhancing operator comfort

RA12M Line

ATA has designed and developed a range of versatile grinders suitable for a variety of applications in all major industry sectors.

RA14 Line

The RA14 Line, equipped with an optional dynamic auto-balancer, an ergonomic side handle and a specific exhaust, are ideally suited for medium to heavy-duty applications. These angle grinders operate at reduced vibration and noise levels.

Large Angle Grinders

Thanks to their high power air motor, the angle grinders are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Key markets include Shipyard and Metal Fabrication for chamfering, weld preparation, weld dressing and flash removal.

Small Angle Sanders

Available from 12,000 to 20,000 RPM, the small angle sanders have been specifically designed to facilitate better handling and allow easy access. These sanders are ideally suited to quick change discs, are very reliable and require minimum maintenance. Key markets include Automotive for blending applications and Aerospace for turbine blade finishing.

Low Speed Sanders

Available from 5,000 RPM, the low-speed sanders range are specifically designed to reduce overheating and sparking on materials such as titanium. The high torque allows for an efficient cutting action at low speed. Key Markets include Automotive for blending applications; Aerospace for turbine blade finishing and Metal Fabrication for stainless steel finishing and polishing.


The ATA Belt sanders offer versatility thanks to their interchangeable belt arm design allowing use of a wide range of belts, ideal for light sanding and blending in key markets such as Aerospace and Automotive.


The ATA Belt Sanders offer versatility thanks to their interchangeable belt arm design, allowing use of a wide range of belts. The adjustable head improves access to restricted areas as well as improving comfort and control. Key Markets include Automotive and Aerospace for blending, sanding and finishing applications.